Oceanside Building Learning Together Society is a registered nonprofit with charity status.

Board Members

President: Joanne McNeil
Vice President: Helen Wagg
Secretary: Jacqueline Haycock
Treasurer: Alex MacLean

Director: Karen Corcione
Director: Robyn Hoefle
Director: Cheryl Clarke

(Updated November 2018)

Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:15 pm.

Annual General Meetings are usually held each November.

OBLT AGM Minutes 2018

Registered status and information filed on annual returns


Membership in Oceanside Building Learning Together  Society is $10 annually.

Membership can be purchased in person at our administration office or ONLINE.

Mission Statement

To enhance life-long learning by supporting strong family relationships and building community capacity through effective learning opportunities.

Guiding Principles

CHILDREN – Children are active, engaged explorers, creative thinkers, and rich in resources, strong and competent

FAMILY – Families are significant essential educational partners and active contributors to their children’s lives

COMMUNITY – A network of people and community resources who share a collective responsibility to create a place to dream, develop and grow

LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS – Learning occurs through active, play-based opportunities to promote exploration, interaction and risk-taking in a variety of motivating and animated environments

UNIVERSAL ACCESS – Universal access to services is provided for all through a strength-based approach to develop, encourage and enhance engagement

LINKING GENERATIONS – The intergenerational focus brings generations together in purposeful, mutually beneficial ways, promoting greater understanding and respect between generations

INTERSECTORIAL COLLABORATION – Integrating community resources creates a synergy that benefits the whole child and the whole community


Oceanside Building Learning Together has been working to build a strong community through its collaborative approach which supports learning across generations. Although the early focus of Building Learning  Together (BLT) was children 0-6, and families, the partnership with Oceanside Literacy Now (OLN) in 2008, led to the eventual creation of the non-profit society, Oceanside Building Learning Together (OBLT) in 2010, and this broadened the scope of literacy beyond the early years.  The use of the BLT to Go bus through the summer and fall of 2012, helped to expand literacy programs to the larger community with an outreach model.  The opening of Family Place in September of 2012, and the completion of the Teaching and Learning Centre lab (TLC) located at Family Place, has provided the adult community with opportunity and resources to enhance their literacy skills.

We know that engagement is critical to learning. Successful program development has been achieved by keeping in mind that when the learner’s social, intellectual, emotional, cultural, spiritual, artistic, environmental, aesthetic and physical development & well-being needs are addressed, the learner is engaged in the process and successful learning occurs.  It is with these keystones that Oceanside Building Learning Together works to develop programs and services to engage and meet the needs of community members from the pre-natal to the elderly. We firmly believe that attention to the learner as a whole and regard for the strengths each of us bring and the learning opportunities each of us provides are the secrets to building sustainable, meaningful and successful community literacy programs.

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