Bedtime Baggies – This imaginative tool allows parents to take advantage of their child’s strength as a visual learner by helping chidren understand what is going on around them, organize information, learn new vocabulary and better express themselves,

Children’s Services Directory – A second, updated edition of this valuable resource was printed in Summer 2006, profiling twenty-two District 69 non-profit and government agencies offering services for children 0-6 and their families.

Cook Up a Recipe© Cards – A take-home resource for Cook up A Bedtime Story, these cards feature recipes in picture format, making it easy for little ones to help cook a favourite recipe.

Munchkinland One-Liners© – A resource developed for Teaching From the Heart, One-Liners are based on the concept that small ideas make big differences. In a busy day, it’s easier to focus on one little thing to try with a child, and One-Liners are a simple way for parents to try different tips.

Spinoza Bears – These comforting bears are used by six local service agencies in their work with children and families in need. Audiotapes in the bears’ tummies enhance interactive reading activities.

What’s Up For Kids? Booklet – Published twice a year, What’s Up For Kids? contains information about programs in the community for children 0-6 and their families. Roughly 3,000 copies are distributed each printing.