Electronics and Computer Hobbyists Club

Are you a retired electrical, electronics, computer engineer or software developer? Are you currently in school training in these or related areas?  Maybe you would like to have more control over your computer and the things it connects to.

We meet roughly once a month (no fixed date or day of the week) to discuss our interest in computer hardware and software projects and other interesting topics such as solar power, wind turbines, electric bicycles, motorcycles, cars, heating, and 3D printers , etc.

Whatever your interest, if you like to make things with computers and electronics, we will begin our explorations with “Raspberry Pi” or “Arduino” projects. These are two very low cost, small computer control systems.  There is free software out there to run these devices and a community of real experts to help get us started.

Request more information by filling out this form, or call 250-947-8258 and leave your name and phone number.

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