Books for Babes

Books for Babes was born in February 2002 and have been delivered to over 3,000 families in Oceanside when they have a newborn. Island Health, Regional District of Nanaimo, Building Learning Together and community volunteers join together each year to present our special gift to you – Baby’s First Book – a place to start this wonderful journey of “Building Learning Together”.

These bags are delivered by  Island Health Public Health Nurses on their home visit to mothers and new babies.


Researchers tell us that a critical time for learning is between 0 and 3 years of age. Early quality experiences help to determine how a baby’s brain develops. You, therefore, are your child’s first and most important teacher!

Read to your baby, talk to your baby, and play with your baby from the time he or she is born. Your efforts will pay off. When you read to children they perform better in school. When you talk to children they develop strong vocabulary and language – the basis for reading and writing. When you play with children they learn important social skills.